Sunday, 12 January 2014

the selection by kira class

this has got to be one of the best books ever ! it was recomended to me by my really good friend and now i'm in love with it . this story is based in a country in the futer where america is now . A girl named America is secretly in love with aspen a boy who is a cast lower then her . evry everyone in the country is sorted into casts : ones are royalty . twos are really rich people . threes are sort of rich people . fours are average . fives are lower than average . six are poor .
sevens are struggling , very low class people . and eight are homeless . america then gets entered into the selection ; competition to merry the prince , maxon . at the beginning of the selection there are 35 girls , by the end only 6 remain in the competition  for the prince . at first america dis-likes maxon , but  stays to try to forget about aspen who she had an argument with just after she got signed up for the selection . right when she thinks she might actaly like maxon america finds out that aspen has joined the royal gard .

you have got to read this book !!! Right now i'm reading the second book of the selection : the elite and eagerly awaiting the third book : the one whitch is coming out in april 2014 


  1. Replies
    1. it's actually spelt
      kiera cass
      not kira class.

    2. I hope she marries Maxon!!
      If she doesn't I vote random villager dude(twist ending!)

    3. hey ! what about aspen he was her first love and doesn't have any other girls . plus now that aspens a two he can marry america

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